Photo JosephJoseph is an Information Technology (IT) professional with more than 25 years industry experience including eight years as a technical support analyst with the U.S. Department of Defense‚Äôs Defense Logistics Agency, supporting U.S. troops and other end users worldwide in various areas of IT, including networking, hardware, software, and mobile phone support. 

 Joseph believes technology should make people more productive and simplify life.  He holds a degree in Management and Information Systems from Rockford University in Rockford, IL along with certifications in computer hardware support, network security, and Microsoft Windows.

 Joining the Alliance Foundation was important to Joseph because he believes everyone deserves an opportunity to be prosperous in their lives.   Through hard work and focus, anyone can be successful and happy.

 Joseph currently lives in Lansing, MI, with his wife, Julia, and their furry friends Ducky Dog (Labrador) and Bones (Cat).

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