Food Insecurity - Feeding your family.

Many of us never worry about where our next meal will come from. Fresh fruit and vegetables are at our fingertips, and nutritious options are plentiful. But food insecurity is sometimes difficult to recognize. Alliance Foundation provides grants to organizations working to alleviate hunger in our local communities.

National Cereal Day was March 6. Many of us enjoyed a bowl of the many delicious varieties of the popular, convenient breakfast choice.

Many woke up that morning, opened their pantry, and saw several boxes from which to choose. Perhaps they grabbed a bowl and spoon, poured the flakes into the bowl, topped it with blueberries, and drenched it with fresh milk—a usual day for some.

But there are far too many who are unable to experience that luxury. Alliance Foundation believes that the three pillars on the path to prosperity are a safe shelter, emotional support, and food security.

Food insecurity is a national concern. Here in Southern Nevada, just over 341,000 people will not be able to secure enough food for their families throughout the year. Las Vegas makes up 98% of that number, according to the Map the Meal Gap 2022 Study.

As reported by Feeding America, 116,360 children in the state of Nevada go hungry because they are unable to access nutrient-rich food.

Food insecurity is defined as the lack of physical and economical access to enough safe and nutritious food to meet the dietary requirements needed to support an active and healthy life.

Food insecurity may be difficult to assess because there are varying levels of food security. High security indicates that the family or individual does not need to worry about where their next meal will come from, but marginal security means that, though they often have food, there is a concern that food will run out before they have the ability to obtain more.

In stark contrast, low food security describes a limited ability to obtain quality, desirable food, and very low food security indicates disrupted eating due to a lack of access to any food.

So many of us have access to three healthy meals a day. We may compare pricing at the store or skip an expensive latte, but we know we can make dinner without concern and feed our children a healthy diet.

When that ability is in question, we become anxious. We may skip meals so our children can eat – or worse, we may not be able to provide meals for their growing bodies. It impacts their health and ours. We ration food to ensure that it will last throughout the pay period. We may choose between buying food or buying supplies for school or basic hygiene. Both physical health and mental health can be impacted – which can cause difficulties in growth and development and hope for the future.

That puts children at risk of not accomplishing their goals.

At Alliance Foundation, we know the value of nutritious meals and healthy snacks.

That is why we are committed to supporting organizations that provide food assistance to the greater Las Vegas area.

Alliance Foundation raises money to help other organizations in need. When you donate to Alliance Foundation, you know your money will go to the local organizations that find themselves lacking the funds required to sustain assistance programs. We do this by offering grants throughout the year.

We invite you to contribute to making our county stronger through community. We care about what matters.


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