2021 Alliance Foundation Thanksgiving Support Program

With the help of our generous donors, volunteers, and community partners, the Alliance Foundation was able to purchase, pack & distribute 100 Thanksgiving meal kits.  Each kit included numerous food items along with a grocery store gift certificate.  Families that will receive these kits would have no or very little resources for which to obtain a Thanksgiving meal.  A number of the families receiving the food started to get emotional upon receiving the bag, because they knew what it meant to their family.  

Programs like this could not be possible, if not for the generosity of our donors, volunteers & community partners.  Special thanks goes out to Bon Paragon, Paan Intarasalee, Arnold Sadkus, & Brad Barrie for their hours of dedicated work towards obtaining, packing, and delivering these kits.

 2021 Thanksgiving Support Program 5

The Alliance Foundation was founded on the belief that ‘alliances’ can be created amongst similarly minded individuals who are focused on helping to build a path to prosperity for individuals in need.  Our belief is that our programs focused on food, shelter & emotional support, can help individuals have a strong foundation for which they can go out and prosper in life.  These alliances are created by our volunteers, as well as our community partners.  This Thanksgiving Meal Kit program was done in partnership with the SAFE House (www.safehousenv.org).  SAFE House is a wonderful organization focused on helping individuals affected by domestic violence.  We look forward to our continued ‘alliance’ with the SAFE House to help individuals in need build their path to prosperity.

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