Emotional Support

One of the most important and also most overlooked areas of support people need is emotional support. Mental health is commonly overlooked, and with current Covid related events, the mental health of many individuals has gotten worse.

One of the greatest forms of emotional support is through pet ownership, service animals, and emotional support animals. Our goal is to ensure people are able to maintain their pet through any hardship experienced.

We have partnered with a local shelter that takes in abused men & women. Sadly in many abusive relationships, the abuser will threaten to harm or even kill a pet if the person abused tries to leave. Many shelters lack the resources to take in people with their pets. So the abused person stays in the abusive relationship.  

We also do not want anybody that is having hardship to have to decide to keep their pet or not, so we will be providing resources to individuals to cover the different costs, including vet bills, food, and other pet related expenses. We don't want anybody to have to ever give up their best friend, because they can't afford them.

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